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Was your US visa revoked?

You probably want to understand why. At AHLO, you can find guidance on what to do next and explanations of the possible reasons why your visa may have been revoked.

Why are visas revoked?

Visas can be revoked for a variety of reasons. Driving under the influence charges, overstaying an authorized period of stay or engaging in activities not permitted under a specific visa classification are just some examples of events that can lead to a revocation.

Before you return to a consular section to re-interview, it may be in your best interest to speak to AHLO's attorney about your case.

When should I seek help?

US visa revocations and cancellations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Visas can be revoked when the US government suspects someone may be ineligible or when a consular officer has proof of an ineligibility.

Securing the counsel of AHLO as soon as you become aware that your visa has been, or may be, revoked may allow you to prepare for a future visa interview. That way, you may be able to best present facts in your favor.

Our Process

Step One

AHLO will ask you to complete an intake questionnaire and submit documents for review.

Step Two

You can complete payment through the questionnaire and we may ask you to verify your identity.

Step Three

Once you have completed our intake process, AHLO's attorney will contact you to get started.

Revocation consultation Pricing

What AHLO Offers


$199 USD per client

AHLO's Transparent Pricing

What's included?

Attorney answers to your questions for 7 consecutive days
Detailed intake questionnaire
ID Verification
Explanation of possible revocation grounds
Your AHLO attorney is also a former consular officer with revocation experience
Attorney review of your revocation related documentation
General guidance on how to book an appointment for a new visa

How about getting started?

Start today! After completing AHLO's intake questionnaire and completing payment, you will receive an email with additional information to start your consultation with AHLO.


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