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Your US Consular Law Firm

AHLO is a Texas law firm that offers US immigration advice and transparent pricing to clients worldwide, all through a secure digital platform.

Whether you are an individual looking for US visa application support, general US immigration advice, or an international business seeking more tailored guidance, AHLO is here for you.

Focused Services

AHLO focuses solely on a handful of legal services to improve overall firm efficiency and reduce waste.

Digital Native

AHLO was born digital and uses cutting-edge technologies to lower costs and save you money.

Nerdy Lawyer

AHLO's attorney can be super nerdy. Living and breathing the law is the daily norm at AHLO.

Worldwide Reach

No matter where you are, AHLO can help. Have an internet-enabled device? AHLO is a click away.

Business services

"AHLO's partnership with Milan-based iubenda allows the firm to deliver a legal and technical compliance solution that ensures Texas businesses can more easily operate internationally, across languages and legislations."

Alejandro Hernandez JD/LLM, AHLO Founder

why AHLO

You can use AHLO for consular processing

Visa Revocations

AHLO provides legal guidance to US visa holders that have had their visas revoked or cancelled.

Students and Tourists

AHLO can help consular clients seeking legal guidance on US student, tourist, and business visas.

Intelligent Intake

AHLO's automated processes have been infused with legal knowledge to pinpoint key issues quickly and reliably.

Former Officer

AHLO's attorney is a former US consular officer familiar with visa issuance and revocation processes.

US Based

AHLO is located in the United States and AHLO's attorney is regulated by the State Bar of Texas.

Evolved Delivery

AHLO has a carefully curated a tech-stack that can provide secure intake, communications, and payment processing.

hOW ahlo doES it

AHLO understands lean methodology and Agile development, not just legalese

At AHLO, the focus is on process as much as the law. Carefully constructed processes form the foundations of successful client relationships, improve employee state of mind, and allow AHLO to eliminate inefficiencies in order to lower costs and reduce waste.

our philosophy

Law as a Service

"AHLO's goal is to blend the law with robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, while safeguarding the timeless role of the attorney"

Alejandro Hernandez JD/LLM, AHLO Founder

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